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Tribologists of South Africa – Unite!

The SAIT and SA Mechanical Engineer are planning a SAIT Supplement to go out with SA Mechanical Engineer’s April 2020 edition.

We invite all our Corporate Members and any SAIT Member running a small business to participate in this exciting promotion of the very important aspect of engineering – Tribology – and the South African Institute of Tribology.

SA Mechanical Engineer is offering SAIT Members an information block in the April SAIT supplement, which could include your company logo and activities for only R2,000.00. Content can be discussed in detail with Louise Cresswell, Key Account Manager of Promech Publishing CC and specifically of SA Mechanical Engineer; she can be contacted at Tel : 011 781-1401 or Email : The website is: Corporate Members who don’t wish to purchase a block will be listed as SAIT members in the supplement.

If you don’t get through to Louise – she will be phoning you shortly!

The SAIT is working on the bid for hosting the 2025 World Tribology Congress in Cape Town. This would be an excellent opportunity for Tribologists to network on a global scale, academically and in the industry, in our own beautiful country. To succeed, we need the countrywide support of all our members and all Tribologists in South Africa.

Please support your Institute in this endeavour to boost Tribology and all our SAIT Members.

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