Understanding friction, lubrication and wear

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Tuesday 15 May 2018 at 18:00

Science Park, 1 Northway, Kelvin, Sandton.

The Thirty-Fourth Annual General Meeting of the South African Institute of Tribology will be held at Science Park, 1 Northway, Kelvin on Tuesday 15 May 2018 at 18:00. The 2017/2018 SAIT Annual Financial Statements and President’s Report will be available at the AGM, where the 2018/2019 Executive Committee will be announced.

Only SAIT Members in good standing can submit nominations for the 2018/19 Executive Committee. Only SAIT Members in good standing can be nominated. Should voting be required, only SAIT Members may vote.

Nominations for the 2018/19 Executive Committee should be completed on this form and returned by email to secretary@sait.org.za by 15 April 2018.

The Agenda for the Thirty-Fourth Annual General Meeting on 15 May, Minutes of the Thirty-Third Annual General Meeting of the SAIT and the 2016/17 Chairman's Report can be requested by SAIT Members from the Secretary at secretary@sait.org.za.

At 18:20, immediately after the AGM, Dr Jean-Patrick Leger of Vesconite will give a presentation on

“Adventures in Wear:

From Underground Gold Mines to Desert Railways to Ocean Floors”

Dr Jean-Patrick Leger

Dr Jean-Patrick Leger - Photograph thanks to www.vesconite.co.za

SAIT Members are welcome to invite Non-Members, colleagues, clients and friends to attend the event. All Welcome.

Please RSVP to Gill, Isabel or Berice at 011 804-3710, secretary@sait.org.za or admin@sait.org.za to ensure seating and catering.

South African Institute of Tribology

Understanding lubrication, friction and wear


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