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Wednesday 6 February 2019

The SAIT will present an afternoon seminar on “Materials Do Matter“, at Science Park, Northway, Kelvin on Wednesday 6 February 2019. We are inviting interested persons to submit synopses of potential presentations for this event. The seminar is intended to bring together all parties interested in the tribological importance of this subject.

The programme has not yet been finalised, so if you have a presentation that you feel would add value to this seminar, please contact Gill Fuller, the SAIT Secretary, at secretary@sait.org.za before we close on 13 December 2018. We look forward to hearing from you!

Confirmed presentations include:

“Simulation of abrasive particle collision during submerged polishing of CVD coated hardmetal turning inserts” by Dominic Smit, University Witwatersrand.

“Materials Solutions At work” by Dr Amanda Jonker, Senior Ceramist,Multotec.

“Material Development & Tribology in the 4th Industrial Revolution” by Thuli Mkhaliphi, University Witwatersrand.

“White Etching, a Common Form of Bearing Failure in Wind Turbines” by Patrick Swan, Aswan Consulting

We invite all interested tribologists in the field of wear and friction to attend.

There is no charge – but please advise Gill at secretary@sait.org.za
or Isabel or Berice at admin@sait.org.za, if you wish to attend so that we can be sure of catering for everyone!

Materials DO matter. Wear is an ongoing concern in all industries, and awareness and knowledge of materials, their properties, performance, selection and their varied applications are essential to a knowledge of tribology and the ultimate cost benefits.

Guidelines for Presenters:

Authors are invited to submit a presentation on topics that are informative and current. The following subjects are a guideline only for the day’s programme. Any other suggestions, ideas or topics that could be associated with the subject, will be welcome. Presentations are expected to be about 20 minutes duration.

Materials Technology

  • materials overview in South Africa
  • materials developments and improvements.
  • materials and their applications - rubber linings, non abrasives,zircon and alumina, diamonds, ceramics, polymers
  • problems encountered and solutions offered
  • specifications for various materials
  • requirements for the African market
  • efficiency and cost savings
  • case studies

We would like to see presentations outlining new developments, innovations, research, problems,solutions, and case studies from materials manufacturers, marketers and end-users. The seminar is not a selling platform, but sponsorship is requested to display your company banner and product promotional material.

Please send a brief synopsis, and short title of your proposed presentation for approval, maximum 500 words, to the SAIT, at secretary@sait.org.za,or admin@sait.org.za as soon as possible. We would like to circulate the programme to a large target market to ensure a good attendance. Please include title, authors and affiliation, and your contact details. The full presentation is required by 8 October 2018. For any technical enquiries please contact David Beard at 082 850-3205, and for general enquiries phone Gill, Isabel or Berice at 011 804-3710.

Call for presentations:

"Engine Technology" TBD

The SAIT will present an afternoon seminar on “Engine Technology“, at Science Park, Northway, Kelvin. We are inviting interested persons to submit papers for this event. The seminar is intended to bring together all parties interested in this important and topical subject.

Engine technology and regulations are changing rapidly, impacting the lubricant technology (additives and base oils) and as a result formulation and environmental requirements are being focused upon.

"Napthenics" TBD

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Understanding lubrication, friction and wear


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