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If you missed this exciting and informative discussion - please watch it here

The engine killers

by Steven Lumley
Wearcheck Technical Manager


Presenter’s Background:

Steven Lumley has been part of the oil analysis community in South Africa and abroad for the past 26 years. In her current role as WearCheck’s technical manager she is responsible for the design, implementation and management of oil analysis programmes as well as R&D of new oil analysis services and training.

Outline of the topic:

  • The engine failure crime scene
  • Forensic profile of engine killers
    • The volatile killer - Fuel dilution
    • The dirty killer - Dust entry
    • The dark killer – Soot
    • The cool killer - Internal coolant leaks
  • Fault progression and the swiss cheese model
  • Forensic profile close-ou

If you missed this exciting and informative discussion - please watch it here

Applying the VLS model in Southern Africa

The SAIT hosted an online discussion, open to all who are interested and affected by lubricant quality.

There have been recent successes internationally in this regards and we would like to explore the possibility of introducing something similar in this region.

The goal would be to establish an organisation that is concerned about the quality of lubricants in Southern Africa. This would be a separate registered NPO, representing blenders, marketers and users, who would like to do things correctly.

The major objectives, as we envisage at present, are

  • Support and educate members with regard to best practices, and specifications, labelling etc.
  • Share trends and new developments with members
  • Educate the consumers
  • Focus mainly on the following specifications SAE J300 / J306; API & ACEA – expanding other OEMS
  • Form part of the global assurance networks such as ACEA & API

A working group has been formed to take this forward - the presentation is here.

A recent article on this topic can be read here 

Please contact secretary@sait.org.za for more information 

Here is a PDF copy Henco Booysen's Presentation,

given on 17 November 2021 on Zoom:

The Real Value of Used Oil Analysis

Henco Booysen is a lubrication specialist who developed his career by finding innovative ways to improve equipment reliability and efficiency through tribology. “I strongly believe that tribology can solve a lot of our world’s problems. We have predecessors that already shaped our future in tribology, but finding advanced ways to practise it is in the hands of the new generation”. 

Henco is currently a member of the SAIT Executive Committee.

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Understanding lubrication, friction and wear


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