Understanding friction, lubrication and wear

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South African Institute for Tribology
South African Youth Tribology Association

Under the Auspices of SAIT:

"To promote Tribology among the younger generations, the South African Young Tribologist Association (SAYTA) was recently formed. The aim of this group is to function as a support network between young individuals working in the lubricant industry, but also linking young members to experts in the industry. This will ensure continuity in the transfer of knowledge and experience. The group will also focus on addressing current issues experienced in industry. SAIT members already qualify, at no extra cost, to become a member of SAYTA." 

SAIT Committee Member, Howard Benade, will be running this group. 

Howard Benade
Howard Benade

Watch this site as the group forms and progresses.

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Understanding lubrication, friction and wear


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