The SAIT provides members with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of all aspects of tribology, to regularly update their technical knowledge, to have relevant discussions, to meet with people, technical and commercial, both local and overseas, who are in tribology related industries, and to take this knowledge back to their companies to benefit from better machine efficiency, less downtime, and improved cost savings.

Join the SAIT and learn the importance of tribology that can help in:
– Improving production
– Save on maintenance costs
– Reduce downtime
– Improve safety and health
– Save energy costs


“Promoting knowledge and skills transfer in friction and wear to achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).”

Professional Networking

SAIT Members benefit from the opportunity for professional networking with other tribologists from around the world.

Technology Transfer

One of the key objectives of SAIT is to promote and facilitate the transfer of tribology solutions amongst industrial and professional groups.

Research Development

SAIT crusades for the promotion of research and development of tribology in and around South Africa.

Here are some benefits for members

“SAIT offers tremendous benefits to its members. Just some of which are listed below. Come join us. ” Doug Herschell Past President of SAIT

Why become a Member of SAIT?

Each active member of SAIT will enjoy our amazing benefits:

– Access to network of industry specialists

– Discounted prices for all SAIT Lubrication Engineering courses

– STLE affiliation

– Monthly digital copy of the STLE TLT & SA Mechanical Engineers magazine

– Monthly digital SAIT newsletter

– Free access to SAIT technical meetings, webinars, editorials, and publications.

– Access to network of industry specialists

– Online Chat forum where technical topics can be discussed between a network of members and industry specialist.

Supporting corporate members

The following are corporate members of the SAIT


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